Tile Removal
Schibeci's Power Profiler 1500, Power Profiler 2500R and Power Profiler 2500 are ideal for removing the hardest ceramic tiles. Simply measure the depth of the tile, set the cutter depth to suit, and drive over the tiled surface. All Power Profilers have millimeter accuracy, so they are able to remove just the tiles (without touching the substrate), or by setting a greater depth, remove the tiles, glue and texture the surface of the substrate. All Power Profilers have dust extraction ports, water jets and dust guards that reduce the dust during operation.
Schibeci's Skid Steers and Attachments suitable for Ceramic Tile Removal:
Power Profiler 1500 on 827DE
Power Profiler 2500R on 827DE
Power Profiler 2500 on High Flow Skid Steer

Schibeci 850DE with the Power Profiler 2500R
Removing tiles at Sydney International Airport


Ceramic Tile Removal - Power Profiler 2500
Ceramic & Terrazzo Tile Removal - Power Profiler 2500R
Ceramic Tile Removal - Power Profiler 1500
Ceramic Tile Removal - Power Profiler 1500 (5 minute demo)


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