Milling Drums

Schibeci Cutter Drums were designed and developed with 30 years of contract profiling experience. The Schibeci cutter drum is a specialty built pavement milling drum for all milling applications.

• Asphalt • Concrete
• Reinforced Pavements • Heavy Lime Stone
• And numerous other pavement types

» Schibeci Cutter Drum Wins «
Better Roads Top Rollout 2004 Award

"In recognition of the risk and reward of introducing new products to highway professionals."
The award was presented to Schibeci at Conexpo in Las Vegas 2005.

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Teeth/Picks used
Why Schibeci designed the cutter drum: Schibeci built the Cutter Drum because of the frustration of working on streets in the inner city area of Melbourne with our machines hitting submersed/ hidden objects.
In one week we lost 14 hours of work time and 30 hours of welding time.
The cost of 200 blocks and teeth, the labour to weld them on and pressure on the operators. A dollar value of $7,680.00 without any costs incurred by plant hire on the job site of up to $735.00 per hour.
A total cost to Schibeci of $17,970.00 in one week.
There are many other problems that other drums pose such as job programming, loss of workers 10 hour breaks, customer relations, travelling public inconvenience, and company moral.
Schibeci thought there had to be a better way. We didn't want to get involved in bolt on sections, in the past we had the common experience of bolts vibrating loose or snapping off.
That is why Schibeci worked on the new design and came up with the Schibeci Cutter Drum.


• Operator Peace of Mind
At the end of a day’s work, operators need only check teeth. No welding or checking bolts. The operators can feel comfortable if their machine hits a hidden structure under the pavement.

• No welding - No bolting of blocks
The design of the flighting (smooth continuous section) allows the drum to roll over any steel objects it hits. Only breaking teeth, not blocks or gear boxes.
• Down time minimised when hitting pits
Just tap out the broken tooth out of its insert and replace it.
• No loss of edge blocks
The edge cutting blocks form part of the flighting, so the whole flighting has to be worn down to have any effect on the replacement tooth.

• No loss of accuracy on Tooth Pattern
Schibeci blocks are made of ultra high strength materials, so there is very little wear over a season of operations. Because the blocks don't break off, there is minimal variaton in height of the cutting tool. Therefore, the pattern remains consistent throughout the life of the drum.

• Well Balanced design
Every drum Schibeci produces is computer balanced on jigs before they are placed in machines. Each tooth impact time is equal to the next, reducing vibration and maximising power efficiency of the milling machine.

• Tooth pattern balances HP use across drum
This balance is achieved by distributing impacts accross the drum so tooth horsepower requirements are transferred evenly across the drum. There is no spiking of horsepower or sideways drag.
• Low friction coefficient Fluid Dynamic
As the flighting is the tooth holder there is no friction caused by tooth holders protruding above the flight. The material flows easier into the auger and travels in the auger smoothly.
• Excellent tooth rotation and changing
The angle set in manufacture is constant for the life of the drum. The rear of the insert is protected from any material entering into the retainer spring area.
• Able to cut reinforced concrete, Bluestone, Heavy Limestone
Many projects have been completed with the Schibeci Drum, with reinforced concrete strength to some 9,000 psi, and limestone to 15,000 psi. In these processes only carbide was shattered or teeth broken.
• Less Material at end of cut due to higher flighting
Due to the increased flighting height, the flight is closer to the cutter box housing, so there is less material left in the cutter area at the end of each run.
• Annual Maintenance only
The only serious maintenance is if flighting segments have excessive wear on them that they need to be replaced. Replacement time is between 4 and 10 minutes each per upper Block.
• Better Fuel Economy
Documentation is available to show that the design criteria reduces the amount of fuel used.

> Manufactured for the construction industry, this productive milling tool leaves an excellent textured finish. Schibeci Drums range from 500mm (20 inches) to 5000mm (200+ inches) wide cut per pass. Designed for machines from 200 to 2000+HP.
> Schibeci Drums produce a consistently fine milling texture for the life of the drum. The Schibeci Drum only requires annual maintainence.
Schibeci Drums are available for all makes and models of milling machines.
Contact us for a spec sheet on your model milling machine.

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