Line Removal

Schibeci's Polyplaner 300 & Polyplaner 450 are ideal for the removal of line markings on asphalt and concrete surfaces. The unique cutting action reduces running costs and leaves an excellent finish. These attachments can cut various widths upto 600 mm wide per pass.

Line Removal
(Polyplaner 450)

Polyplaner 300, Polyplaner 450 & Polyplaner 600 Texture
Above: Polyplaner 450 Line Removal Above: Polyplaner 300 Line removal on Schibeci 827D
Schibeci 16PE with Power Edger 2000 Removing Line Marking
Schibeci Polyplaner 450 and custom built suction truck remove road markings, dust and debris in a single operation. This machine is able to removal heavy thermoplastics and vibroline road markings at a high production rates.
Polyplaner 600 removing tactile white lines
Waterblasting Texture "Blacking-Out" (Painting the line Black) Texture

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