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Concrete Grinding
Concrete Grinding can be divided into two categories. Concrete Floor Grinding & General Construction Grinding.
Concrete Floor Grinding
Concrete floors that are uneven or have deteriaroted surfaces can be ground back with a number of Schibeci Attachments. The Power Grinder 7500 is able to use diamonds (various grits and designs), carborundum and Schibeci Vinyl Tile Tools to grind surfaces from coarse to polished finishes.
The Power Planer 4500 and Power Planer 3000 are single head grinding attachments that utalise tungsten carbide tools and diamond tools in the harshest grinding conditions. Unlike conventional (floating) grinding heads, Power Planers cut a fixed depth specified by the operator. If a contractor only wants to grind say 2mm, then he simply dials in 2mm into the level control of the Power Planer and grinds the surface.
Power Planers are the heaviest duty grinding machines on the market, with side walls of over 60mm thick and shaft sizes in excess of 70mm diameter.

Power Planer 3000

Power Planer 4500

Power Grinder 7500

Above: The smooth surface to the bottom left corner of both of these photos is the texture the
Power Planer 3000
and Power Planer 4500 leaves when using Tungsten Carbide Tools.
Planetary 9800
Left: Surface texture left by the
Power Grinder 7500
or the Planetary 9800 using either Diamond or Carborundum tools.

General Conctruction Grinding
The Polyplaner 450 and Polyplaner 300 are single head grinding attachments suitable for the construction industry. They mount on Skid Steers, mini skid steers, excavators, backhoe loaders and telehandlers. Polyplaners are used to remove concrete steps in various shapes such as, trip hazards on footpaths/sidewalks, bridge decks, kerb and chanel and 'slumped/heaved' pavements.

Polyplaner 450

Polyplaner 300
Above: Polyplaner 450 grinding heaved and uneven pavement on Ford's High Speed Test Track

Left: Polyplaner 300 Grinding Trip Hazards on Footpaths/Sidewalks

Left: Polyplaner 450 Grinding the concrete kerb at the Melbourne Grand Prix Track to match the cross slope of the asphalt. This was done so the F1 cars wouldn't be affected by differing cambers when straying wide around the track.

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