Trip Hazard Removal

Schibeci's Polyplaner 300, on the front of an 827D is the ideal Trip Hazard Removal tool. The Polyplaner 300 is a tough machine built for the toughest operation environment. Trip Hazards of upto 50mm can be removed using the Polyplaner 300. Inexpensive tungsten Carbide tools are utilized.
The cutting action adds to the life of the tools.

The weight of the complete unit allows in to drive on and sidewalk/footpath.

The finished texture that the Polyplaner 300 leaves is coarse enough not to create a "slip" hazard that can be created using diamond grinding.

Easier on the Operators as they don't have to manually carry or move machinery around. Enables removal of trip hazards on steep inclines that would otherwise be difficult with "push/pull" machinery.

Above: Schibeci 827D with onboard Vac for cleanup
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