Power Trimmer 7000


Power Trimmer 7000

Designed for:
• Excavating and Levelling compacted terrain.
• Pavement Stabilization
• Earthworks
Power Grinder 7500
Hydraulic Flow Required
40+lpm (11+gpm)
Pressure Range
206 Bar (3000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required
18KW to 75KW (25 to 100HP)
Cutting Width
700mm (28 inches)
Cutting Depth (per pass)
75mm (3 inches)
Standard mini loader quick hitch system  
Attach other attachments to the front of the 7000 to increase your productivity  
Quick change and cost effective tooling system  
Robust structure and design  
Safety and operations manual provided  
12 Month Frame Warranty (excluding wear and improper use)  

Power Trimmer 7000
Schibeci 827DE with the Power Trimmer 7000 and a 4 in 1 bucket.

"Schibeci's Power Trimmer 7000 has made my mini loader be able to dig heavy and compacted material that even large skid steers have trouble with. It's been a great tool on my job sites even to level tough dirt.

I'm now also doing patching of spray seal asphalt driveways and stabilization work as well. The 7000 has been a great attachment I have purchased for my mini loader, and I won't go to any job site without it."

The Power Trimmer 7000 is designed to be used with the Schibeci 827DE. It also attaches to most mini skid steers.


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