Power Profiler 2500

Designed for bulk removal of concrete, ceramic tiles and epoxy mortar toppings.

"The robust design of the Schibeci Power Profiler allows the
toughest concrete removal process to be efficient, precise and highly productive in the toughest conditions."

Performance Guidelines
- Removes up to 1 1/2 inch thick concrete surfaces (per pass)
- Removes 1 1/2 inch thick mortars 
- Prepares concrete surfaces for various applied finishes
- Removes ceramic tiles including underlayments in one pass


Tools Used:

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Teeth/Picks used
The Power Profiler 2500 is designed to be used with the High Flow Skid Steers and High Flow Excavators.
Power Profiler 2500
Hydraulic Flow Required
100+lpm (26+gpm)
Pressure Range
150 to 206 Bar (2200 to 3000PSI)
Can be suited to 350 Bar (5000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required
60 to 150KW (80 to 200HP)
Profiling Width
250mm (10 inches)
Profiling Depth
38mm (1 1/2inches)
Number of Cutting Tools
Side Shift
Independent Level Control
Floating Turntable
Dust Suppression System
Material Extraction System
Interchangeable wear strips on skid plates
Quick change tooling system
Long lasting carbide tooling system
Machine Weight
720kg (1585lb)
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Schibeci Power Profiler 2500 with Excavator Mount

Schibeci Power Profiler 2500 on a High Flow Skid Steer
Typical Concrete Floor Restoration in Factory using the Schibeci Power Profiler 2500 then a Power Planer 4500
Tile Removal Video inside a shopping mall/centre


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