Power Planer 3000

The Power Planer 3000 is an aggressive single head grinder that is able to utalise durable Tungstan Carbide Cutting Teeth as well as Diamonds. The advantage of this is high penetration, high production, low wear rates and low consumable costs.

Performance Guidelines:
• Removes up to 1/2 inch thick concrete surfaces

Exposes aggregate in concrete
• Flattens uneven concrete floor precisely
Smoothes out rough concrete surfaces

Removes all coatings, overlayments, mortars from concrete floors
Removes glues and mastics from concrete floors
Wet and/or dry diamond grinding

"The robust design of the Schibeci Power Planer allows the toughest concrete removal process to be efficient, precise and hightly productive in the toughest conditions."

Tools Used:

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Teeth/Picks

Metal Bonded Diamonds

Resin Bonded Diamonds

Tapered Diamond Plugs

The Power Planer 3000 is designed to be used with the Schibeci 827DE.

Power Planer 3000
Hydraulic Flow Required
40+lpm (11+gpm)
Pressure Range
150 to 206 Bar (2200 to 3000PSI)
Can be suited to 350 Bar (5000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required
19 to 150KW (25 to 200HP)
Grinding/Planing Width
300mm (12 inches)
Grinding/Planing Depth
Upto 5mm per pass - depending on material ( 3/16 inch)
Number of Cutting Tools
3 to 12 - depending on desired result
Side Shift
Fine Calibration and Level Control
Independent Level control on left and right hand side of cut  
Direct Drive Grinding Head  
Floating Turn Table  
Fully Enclosed Cutter Box  
Dust Suppression System    
Dust Extraction Port  
Quick Change Tooling & Diamond Systems  
Long lasting carbide tooling system  
Diamond Grits from 14/16 to 400  

Schibeci Power Planer 3000 on an 827DE
Schibeci Trip Hazard Removal
Schibeci 827DE & Power Planer 3000 - Rubber & Glue Removal


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