Power Grinder 7500

Designed for:
• High production diamond grinding and polishing

Vinyl Tile Removal
Glue & Mortar Removal

The Power Grinder 7500 is a highly versatile attachment. It is able to work on extremely rough surfaces doing bulk grinding as well as fine polishing work. The 7500 has a number of cutting, grinding and polishing tools that can be used for varying applications. These tools range from high end diamond tools to aggressive and inexpensive carborundum tools.

Coupled with the 827DE, the Power Grinder 7500 is an essential product for flooring contractors.

Tools Used:

Metal Bonded Diamonds

Resin Bonded Diamonds


Vinyl Removal Tool

Tapered Diamond Plugs

The Power Grinder 7500 is designed to be used with the Schibeci 827DE.

Power Grinder 7500
Hydraulic Flow Required
40+lpm (11+gpm)
Pressure Range
150 to 206 Bar (2200 to 3000PSI)
Can be suited to 350 Bar (5000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required
60 to 150KW (80 to 200HP)
Grinding Width
780mm (31 inches)
Grinding Width (with auto oscillation)
1200mm ( 48 inches)
Grinding Range
16 Grit to 8000 Grit Diamonds
Side Shift
Hydraulic with Auto Oscillation Mode
Swivel Control
Grinds within 25mm of walls and structures   
Twin Head Direct Drive Grinding Heads    
Automatic Side Shift (oscillation mode) for wider, more aggressive grinding  
Floating Turn Table  
Fully Enclosed Cutter Box  
Dust Suppression System   
Dust Extraction Port  
Quick Change Tooling & Diamond Systems  
Safety and operations manual provided  
12 Month Frame Warranty (excluding wear and improper use)  


Schibeci Power Grinder 7500 on an 827DE
Schibeci 827DE with the Power Grinder 7500
Polishing a concrete floor

Schibeci 827DE
with the Power Grinder 7500
Removing Vinyl Tiles
Schibeci 827DE with the Power Grinder 7500
Removing Epoxy from Olympic Size Swimming Pool
Schibeci 16PE with the Power Grinder 7500
Grinding and Polishing a Showroom Floor
Schibeci 827DE with the Power Grinder 7500 removing
hard/brittle vinyl tiles.


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