Multiplaner 2000

Tools Used:

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Teeth/Picks

Metal Bonded Diamonds

Resin Bonded Diamonds

Tapered Diamond Plugs


Vinyl Removal Tool
Designed for edging, milling, grinding & tile removal in confined spaces

Performance Guidelines:
• Tile Removal

Diamond, Carbide & Carborundum Grinding
• Concrete Milling
Smoothes out rough concrete surfaces
Removes all coatings, overlayments, mortars from concrete floors
Removes glues and mastics from concrete floors

Combined with the Schibeci 16PE (780mm wide mini-skid steer), the Multiplaner 2000 gives contractors the flexibility of working in large warehouses as well as the domestic market, allowing for easy access through normal doorways of 850mm.

Milling Mode

Grinding Mode
Ceramic and Vinyl Tile Removal with the 2000 cuts the tiles into small pieces for easy handeling and recycling. Any glue or mortar beds can be efficiently removed ready for a new floor covering or continue on to give your customer a polished concrete finish.

The Multiplaner 2000 is designed to be used with the Schibeci 16PE & Schibeci 827DE.

Multiplaner 2000
Hydraulic Flow Required
22 to 60 lpm (5 to 14 gpm)
Pressure Range
206 Bar (3000PSI)
Can be suited to 350 Bar (5000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required
11.5 to 150KW (15 to 200HP)
Grinding Width
400mm (16 inches)
Milling Width
200mm (8 inches) per pass
Milling Depth
Up to 10mm
Side Shift
Rotation Control
Manual lever with locking pin
Grinds within 8mm of walls and structures  
Mills within 8mm of walls and structures  
Floating Turn Table  
Fully Enclosed Cutter Box  
Dust Suppression System    
Dust Extraction Port  
Quick Change Tooling & Diamond Systems  
Long lasting carbide tooling system  
Diamond Grits from 14/16 to 8000  
Schibeci 16PE with Multiplaner 2000 Milling & Grinding Concrete
Schibeci 16PE with Multiplaner 2000 Removing Ceramic Tiles
Schibeci 16PE with Multiplaner 2000 Removing Line Marking
Note: The Multiplaner 2000 was previously named the Power Edger 2000

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