Polyplaner 600


Polyplaner 600

The Polyplaner 600 is an aggressive single head grinder that is able to utalise durable Tungstan Carbide Cutting Teeth primarily for Trip Hazard Removal & Road Marking Removal. Manufactured for the building and civil works industry, this productive removal tool can leave either a polished or textured surface.
The machine can level steps in concrete up to 70mm (3 inches) high.
It's compact design makes it perfect for minor rectification works.
The Polyplaner is an excellent solution for Councils, Contractors, Maintenance Teams and Hire Companies.
Polyplaners have a self levelling turntable to enable accurate cutting depths on uneven surfaces.
The Polyplaner can be easily side shifted to work up against obstacles.
Polyplaners have Heavy-duty construction and are simple machines to operate.

Performance Guidelines:
• Removes up to 1/2 inch thick concrete surfaces
• Removes road markings and tactile while lines
The Polyplaner 600 cuts 565mm (23 inches) wide cut per pass.
• Flattens uneven steps in concrete
Smoothes out rough concrete surfaces

The machine cuts up to 10mm (3/8 inch) deep per pass, working to within a 1mm (1/32 inch) tolerance.

Tools Used:

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Teeth/Picks
The Polyplaner 450 is designed to be used with Low & High Flow Skid Steers and Excavators.
Polyplaner 600
Hydraulic Flow Required
130+lpm (34+gpm)
Pressure Range
150 to 206 Bar (2200 to 3000PSI)
Can be suited to 350 Bar (5000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required
60 to 150KW (80 to 200HP)
Grinding/Planing Width
565mm (23 inches) wide
Grinding/Planing Depth
Upto 10mm per pass - depending on material ( 3/8 inch)
Side Shift
Independent Level control on left and right hand side of cut  
Direct Drive Grinding Head  
Floating Turn Table  
Fully Enclosed Cutter Box  
Dust Suppression System    
Dust Extraction Port  
Quick Change Tooling & Diamond Systems  
Long lasting carbide tooling system  
Polyplaner removing tactile white lines
Noise Reduction with the Polyplaner 600


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